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Shine Cafe- Downtown Demitasse replacement




Shine Cafe

1320 Blanshard St.


I went to Shine Cafe up by Oak Bay Junction once a few years ago (and actually once again a few days ago), so I was curious what my experience would be like at the new location. Shine took over Demitasse which I won’t lose sleep over, and from the street Shine is ‘shining’ with bright colours, specifically orange.

My first impression was wow, bright. My next thought was that there were a lot of staff working for a restaurant that didn’t seem busy. The ladies working were very casual, which matches the staff at the Oak Bay/Fernwood location.

I had a vegan pattie with avocado and salsa and onion rings. My pal, JH, had a clubhouse sandwich and salad. The food tasted fine, but it wasn’t original nor did it excite us. The vegan pattie that I ate was sloppy and difficult to manage. The onion rings were greasy and tasted like cafeteria onion rings. JH’s sandwich was decent. For almost 20 bucks a piece for lunch and a drink, meh, it doesn’t leave me wanting to come back for more. There are much better places to have lunch and for cheaper. The space is bright but it feels cheap, and maybe the service staff could be presented in a more professional uniform, just a suggestion.

-Eating Victoria

via Eating Victoria- Food Blog and Eating Guide.


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