Eating at John’s Place in Victoria B.C.

I’m a fan of John’s Place. I often take friends and family visiting from out of town here. It’s always classic comfort food and not too pricey. The deserts are fantastic, and usually there is a $2 desert. Portions are BIG.

Bound to Cover Just a Little More Ground

If you are a little hungry while visiting downtown Victoria, British Columbia, please wait a few hours until you are starving and then go eat at:

John’s Place Restaurant
723 Pandora Ave
Victoria B.C.
Reservations accepted

The food and the staff are the foundation of the experience at John’s Place.  Comfort food is served in large, flavorful portions.  This is a classic diner where old food standards have been taken to a new creative level. The portions are large and the prices were very reasonable compared to other places we visited in Victoria and Vancouver.  Visitors are greeted with warm hospitality as well as a kind, fun spirit that is genuine and not a contrivance that one often finds in tourist towns.  

The Wall of Photos

The restaurant is fairly large with high walls covered in framed pictures and posters.  Many of the images relate to Detroit baseball and hockey. One can see a 60’s theme in the selection of posters.  The pictures will give your…

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