Third Wheel at the Big Wheel Burger


I recently went to Big Wheel Burger on a tri-date with my two roommates (who are dating, yes, I was the third wheel…. ironic?) It was a Friday night and we wanted to treat ourselves to a big, juicy burger. We were torn between the Buffalo Burger at 5th Street Bar and Grill and trying something new – Big Wheel Burger in Cook Street Village. We decided to go with the unknown. I got the Big Wheel Burger – a plain burger with tomato, lettuce, and Big Wheel Sauce which was a surprisingly addicting mayo-esque sauce. I also decided to get a milk shake- strawberry flavoured and fries. I was pleased to find real strawberry chunks in my milkshake, with lots of thick vanilla ice cream. The burger was excellent. Simple but delicious. And the fries were as good as they come. I’m a bit of a ketchup snob, and I’m pretty sure they had Heinz (the best ketchup in the world). So A+ for ketchup choice. We were also impressed with the dedication of Big Wheel Burger to quality and sustainability. Here are some fun facts pulled from their website that makes the trip to Big Wheel Burger worth it:

– They use ingredients that support agricultural longevity with minimal environmental impact.

-They source product from within 100 miles of our location to limit carbon footprint and support local economies

-They use environmentally safe packaging materials while instituting recycling programs on every product level…(everything goes in the compost after)

-They’re burgers are to be ground fresh daily, using locally raised, hormone and antibiotic free meats and cooked well done on a cutting edge flat top grill all the while embracing a philosophy of FRESH, LOCAL and DELICIOUS

-Trash-free customer area

-In one week they produce enough compost for a large residential garden

-Cleaning products are natural, biodegradable and pH balanced

-Fryer oil is converted to biodiesel





4 thoughts on “Third Wheel at the Big Wheel Burger

  1. I probably shouldn’t read restaurant reviews when I’m hungry, cause this is making my stomach growl. I havent been to Big Wheel yet but your post has inspired me to go there….perhaps right now (seriously I’m starving!)

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