Graduation Dinners – Ferris’s Oyster Bar and Grill – Downstairs

For the final graduation meal we headed to Ferris’s Oyster Bar and Grill. Ferris’s is one of my favourite Victoria restaurants because the atmosphere is cozy and almost cabin-like. The staff are all very knowledgeable and down-to-earth. And the prices are incredible.

We started off with the big bowl of mixed fries with ali’s mayo sampler which consisted of chipoltle chilli mayo, ginger mayo, and the “special dipping sauce”. All three were definite must haves and next time I would get a few orders of them to put on everything. The fries were all fresh and delicious, and went very quickly. Almost as quickly as the trio of mayos.

I had the Oyster Burger which came with japanese breaded oysters, green onion and ginger mayo. I got my burger with caesar salad and it was amazing. The oyster was fresh tasting, and paired perfectly with the ginger mayo. The caesar salad was standard but delightful. Funnily enough, most everyone else got the oyster burger, and were equally as impressed.



My friend Rebecca is vegetarian and gluten free, so she got the Veggie Nut Burger with no bun, which came with a sunflower and flaxseed patty with apple chutney and goat cheese. Absolutely incredible. Even without the bun!


All in all, Ferris’s was the perfect day to Graduation meals out. Located on lower Johnson, it’s easily accessible for anyone living in Victoria. Check out their website for more information:

Until next time!


Swans – My Number One Pub

Dimly lit, brick walled and wooden floored. You walk into Swans Brew Pub and you don’t want to leave. I can confidently state that my pub-loyalty lies with Swans Brew Pub. I’ve been going to Swans since my first week in Victoria back in September 2010, and I’ve been going back ever since.

Why? Why am I drawn to Swans? It’s versatile – you can take your parents there for lunch, you can go for a  quiet dinner with a friend to catch up, you can go for late night nachos mid-way through your wild night out.

The location is prime, situated down-town near the pseudo-industrial area. As you look out the window you see the ocean, the Johnson Street bridge, and an old abandoned building that screams haunted house…

The staff are pleasant and easy-going. There is live music! My latest visit fully lived up to my Swans standards. I went with an old friend (he did the photography) and sat in the patio area that is windowed in and cozily heated. The live band played swing music and couples flocked to the dance floor. We ordered two Brown Ales and two chicken burgers.  Pints were on special for $3.29. A slammin’ deal for us starving students. Because Swan’s is a micro-brewery, the beer is unique to the bar. My go-to is Raspberry Ale… Careful with this one. It’s higher in alcohol content and it will knock you off your feet quicker than expected. But, the Raspberry Ale never disappoints – never too sweet, and perfectly refreshing.

This time, I decided to switch things up and go with the Brown Ale. Usually, I shy away from anything too hoppy, but this was the perfect balance.

And then came the chicken burgers. Charbroiled and delightful. $13 with your choice of salad or a combination of fries, yam fries, and onion rings. Yes, you get all three. No tough decisions here. The chicken burgers came adorned with parva ham wrapped around asparagus and goat cheese. Which I quickly ate as an appetizer.  Then I  placed the bun on top of the avocado and burger and started in.

(Photo Credit: Develyn Barker)

The meal was sublime, the accompanying beers were more than satisfactory.

If you’re looking for the best chicken burger and beer evening, or nacho night, or luncheon locale, Swans is where you should be.

Until next time.