Chocolate Tofino

I recently embarked on a one day Tofino super-tour with my roomie Alesha, her older sister Arelia, and my mother. A whirlwind girls’ trip would of course call for a chocolate stop. Just outside of Tofino lies the most adorable chocolate shop. Tucked away in a small collection of interesting shops which include a surf shop, a blown-glass art studio, and a coffee shop, Chocolate Tofino sits in a beautiful wood cabin-esque shop. Run by a young couple – Kim and Cam Shaw – who have made their way from the planes of Loyd Minister,Alberta, to the western coast of Vancouver Island, Chocolate Tofino makes beautiful artisan chocolates free of artificial flavours, colors, or preservatives. They use organic and local flavours that bring the liveliest notes of fresh taste to their chocolates. Which brings me to the Salt Spring Island Organic Lavender Truffle. My eye was drawn to it in the glass case because of my visit to the Salt Spring Island Organic Lavender farm last summer. I had tasted the fresh lavender sorbet there and I was more than excited to try the lavender truffle. The flavour was incredible. The lavender was subtle but distinct, and absolutely amazing. The chocolate was incredible. My chocolate craving was absolutely satisfied.




Want to impress someone with your savvy Vancouver Island knowledge of the best chocolates in town? Go for a weekend drive to Chocolate Tofino and buy a case load of the Salt Spring Island Organic Lavender Truffle. Until next time, xx.