Graduation Dinners – Ferris’s Oyster Bar and Grill – Downstairs

For the final graduation meal we headed to Ferris’s Oyster Bar and Grill. Ferris’s is one of my favourite Victoria restaurants because the atmosphere is cozy and almost cabin-like. The staff are all very knowledgeable and down-to-earth. And the prices are incredible.

We started off with the big bowl of mixed fries with ali’s mayo sampler which consisted of chipoltle chilli mayo, ginger mayo, and the “special dipping sauce”. All three were definite must haves and next time I would get a few orders of them to put on everything. The fries were all fresh and delicious, and went very quickly. Almost as quickly as the trio of mayos.

I had the Oyster Burger which came with japanese breaded oysters, green onion and ginger mayo. I got my burger with caesar salad and it was amazing. The oyster was fresh tasting, and paired perfectly with the ginger mayo. The caesar salad was standard but delightful. Funnily enough, most everyone else got the oyster burger, and were equally as impressed.



My friend Rebecca is vegetarian and gluten free, so she got the Veggie Nut Burger with no bun, which came with a sunflower and flaxseed patty with apple chutney and goat cheese. Absolutely incredible. Even without the bun!


All in all, Ferris’s was the perfect day to Graduation meals out. Located on lower Johnson, it’s easily accessible for anyone living in Victoria. Check out their website for more information:

Until next time!


The Wickaninnish Inn – Pointe Restaurant

The peak of our journey in Tofino – The Pointe Restaurant in the Wickaninnish Inn. After a brief beach walk, we hopped in the van and set out for the Wickannish. We arrived a few minutes after our reservation at 11:00am for a brunch/ late lunch. The doorman courteously opened the door for us upon our arrival, and the host sat us at a table overlooking a stormy Chestermann Beach which was dotted with surfers enjoying the crashing waves. The tall cedar planked ceilings created a warm ambiance combined with the oversized fireplace in the center of the room. Our server, Bappa, brought us waters and discussed the menu with us. As we contemplated the menu, Bappa brought us a fresh house-made assortment of breads with house-made butter. The breads included slices of a roasted garlic loaf, a sourdough loaf, a rye loaf and fig loaf. We smothered the bread in the delicious butter and quickly devoured the entire basket while enjoying the warmth and the view of the surfers.

Surfers at Chestmann Beach

Our server Bappa

Being a die-hard breakfast fan, I was initially drawn to the brunch side of the menu, with a specific focus on the mushroom eggs benedict. My mother planned to get the Southern Fried Oyster Sandwhich on a house baked biscuit with chorizo sausage, a red pepper soup and a mint, basil, radish slaw. However, once we asked Bappa what the B.C. Seafood Tasting of the day was, my mother quickly changed her mind. The B.C. Seafood Tasting came with octopus that was cooked over-night in white wine and then tempura battered. It also came with halibut shrimp crab cakes, and maple glazed salmon. She went with the B.C. Seafood Tasting. Alesha chose the Smoked Tuna Melt with olive bread, tomato and fennel preserve, omelet, and parmesan and pine-nut and garlic crumble. Arelia chose the Brisket Hash which came with two poached eggs, roasted onion, root vegetables, grainy mustard, and cabbage, and I went with my original decision – the Tofino Mushroom Benedict with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, pancetta, garlic truffled hollandaise, and a rotti potato cake.


B.C. Seafood Tasting

Smoked Tuna Melt

Brisket Hash

Tofino Mushroom Benedict

Our food was brought out by Bappa and explained thoroughly so that we could appreciate every part the dish had to offer. Everything was absolutely incredible. My eggs were poached to perfection – every bite of mushroom was subtle, unique and delightful. The truffle hollandaise was original and addictive. The roti potato was spiced perfectly with fresh herbs and topped with delicious caramelized onions. My mom’s B.C. Seafood tasting was equally as impressive. The octopus was succulent and tender, and paired perfectly with a lime aioli. The maple glazed salmon was also topped with a yogurt dressing and roasted sweet potato and red onion. Both Arelia and Alesha thoroughly enjoyed their dishes. I tried the brisket in Arelia’s Brisket Hash, and it was incredibly tender.

The journey was well worth it for the incredible and unique dining experience of fabulous cuisine and a truly beautiful view of Tofino’s stormy and adventurous weather. As always, xx.

My Addiction: Mussels De Cha Cha Cha at Tapa Bar

My cousin introduced me to Tapa Bar last October. One night after hot yoga we decided to go for something light and she suggested Tapa Bar. I found it tucked away in Trounce Alley on Broad and Yates downtown, lit up with romantic tea-lights. Inside I was immediately tranfixed by the ambiance. I felt like I had just stepped onto the set of Vicki Christina Barcelona and I half expected Javier Bardem to join my cousin and I at our table. The lighting was dim but intimate with candles at each table and the spanish music complimented the setting perfectly. Being starved after burning so many calories at hot yoga, we devoured the complimentary roasted sun-flower seeds on the table. And then, it happend. We ordered the Mussels De Cha Cha Cha. I have never tasted anything quite as delicious. The “fiery pepper sauce” doesn’t even begin to describe the delight of these mussels, or the ectasy of dipping the fresh (and unlimited) foccacia bread into the sauce and savouring each bite. The sauce is the perfect combination of white wine, garlic, parsely, sambal, and tomatos. I’ve tried numerous times to recreate it at home, but I’ve never achieved the astonishing taste of this sauce. The mussels are always fresh and succulent, and they don’t cheap out on the amount of them either.

And ever since I tried them, I’ve been addicted. One Monday a few friends and I went to Tapa Bar for Martini Monday, and I  ofcourse orderd the Mussels De Cha Cha Cha. Later on, my boyfriend (at the time) joined us, and we shared another order. Yes, they were so nice, I got them twice… in one sitting.

There are also many other amazing options on the menu. Another favourite of mine is the Grilled Carrots (in sweet mustard sauce). When I first saw these on the menu I was skeptical… grilled carrots? How exciting can those get? I was suprised to find them absolutely astounding. The sweet mustard sauce is a unique flavour and can also be eaten by the spoonful. I also suggest the Chorizo Fondu – its warm and smoky and delicious.

Looking for a Friday night dinner before going out? Put on a little black dress, your best Spanish accent, pretend you’re Penelope Cruz and strut down to Tapa Bar in Trounce Alley and experience the Mussels De Cha Cha Cha with some good friends and good wine.